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This year’s conference theme is Security

We have chosen the theme of SECURITY for our 2024 conference because of the global imperative for nations to work together to consider our security in the widest sense.


As the United Nations states:

"With the advocacy of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), human security elements have acquired a wider dimension, for they go beyond military protection and engage threats to human dignity. Accordingly, it has become necessary for states to make conscious efforts towards building links with other states and to consciously engage in global security initiatives. OCHA’s expanded definition of security calls for a wide range of security areas:

These will form the basis for our committee topics for debate:

1.    Economic: creation of employment and measures against poverty.

2.     Food: measures against hunger and famine.

3.    Health: measures against disease, unsafe food, malnutrition and lack of access to basic health care.

4.    Environmental: measures against environmental degradation, resource depletion, natural disasters and pollution.

5.    Personal: measures against physical violence, crime, terrorism, domestic violence and child labour.

6.    Community: measures against inter-ethnic, religious and other identity tensions.

7.    Political: measures against political repression and human rights abuses.

Human Security Unit, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Human Security in Theory and Practice (

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